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Your Trusted RV Repair Shop in Phoenix

When it comes to dependable RV repair and maintenance, Coach Care Center in Phoenix, AZ is the best RV Repair Shop in town. Our dedicated team of skilled technicians ensures your motorhome is always in top condition. We understand the unique needs of RV owners and provide comprehensive services to keep you on the road, worry-free.


RV Repair Phoenix Coach Center

Comprehensive RV and Bus Repair Services

At Coach Care Center, we’re your one-stop RV Repair Shop in Phoenix for all things related to RV, motorhome, and bus repair. Our services cover a wide range of essential areas. Call us today to make your appointment (480) 748-5199


Motorhome Service

As your trusted RV mechanic in Phoenix, we specialize in motorhome service. From routine check-ups to extensive repairs, we’ll keep your home on wheels running smoothly.


RV Repair

From minor fixes to major overhauls, our RV repair shop in the heart of Phoenix is well-equipped to handle all your repair needs. Trust us to get your RV back in prime shape with minimal downtime.

Commercial Vehicle Repair in Phoenix

Our expertise isn’t limited to RVs. We’re also your go-to destination for Phoenix bus mechanics and commercial vehicle repair. Our services extend to your entire fleet.

RV Issues Phoenix Coach Care Center Repair and Maintenance

Our Medium & Heavy-Duty Bus RV Repair Services

Coach Care Center offers a comprehensive suite of medium and heavy-duty bus and RV repair services to ensure your vehicles are always in peak condition. Our services include:

A/C Systems

Is your bus or RV’s A/C system in need of a refresh? Whether it’s a repair, maintenance, or overhaul, our experts have you covered.


Ensure your vehicle travels straight and true. Our precision alignment services guarantee optimal handling and tire wear.

DOT Inspections in Phoenix

Stay compliant and safeguard your passengers with our DOT inspections and proactive maintenance programs. Contact us to line up your annual inspection. (480) 748-5199

Diagnostics & Electrical

Our diagnostic tools identify and resolve electrical issues, keeping your systems running smoothly.

Exhaust & Aftertreatment

Our services extend to exhaust and aftertreatment systems, ensuring emissions compliance and peak performance.


Bumpy ride going down the road in your RV? Smooth out your ride with driveline repairs and maintenance. This ensures your vehicle’s power gets to the wheels.

RV & Bus Maintenance

Regular maintenance is the key to long-term vehicle health. Our Bus and RV maintenance services in Phoenix ensure you are always road-ready.


A comfortable ride begins with a well-maintained suspension system. Count on us to keep you rolling smoothly.

Transmission & Clutch Repair

Smooth gear changes are vital for any journey. We handle transmission and clutch repairs with precision.

Air Conditioning

Stay cool and comfortable with our air conditioning repairs and maintenance. When Phoenix heat hits, be sure to stay cool inside your RV Bus year after year!


Safe and effective braking is essential. Our RV Bus brake services guarantee your vehicle stops when you need it to.

Diesel Diagnostics

Our diagnostic expertise extends to a wide range of vehicles. Contact us to schedule your Diesel diagnostics in Phoenix

General Bus and RV Maintenance in Phoenix

Routine maintenance is the key to your vehicle’s longevity. Our general Bus and RV maintenance services in Phoenix keep your vehicle in prime condition. Our Mission At Coach Care Center, is simple: to provide the highest quality repair and maintenance services for buses and RVs in Phoenix. We’re dedicated to ensuring your vehicles are reliable, safe, and ready for the road. We take pride in our work and the relationships we build with our customers.


Coach Care Center RV Brake Services in Phoenix

Count on Coach Care Center for All Your Bus and RV Service Needs in Phoenix

Choosing Coach Care Center means choosing experience, expertise, and a team that cares about your safety and satisfaction. We proudly serve the entire Phoenix Metro area, and we’re ready to meet all your RV and bus repair needs.

Contact Coach Care Center today to schedule your appointment in Phoenix.

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